How can I improve date coding and packaging accuracy?

May 24, 2017 | Graham Podmore

How can I improve date coding and packaging accuracy?Accurate date coding and food packaging is essential to today’s food and drink manufacturers who need to cut costs and improve quality in their packaging process in order to meet increased customer expectation and improve efficiency in the packaging hall.

More and more businesses are adopting an automated approach to the set-up and monitoring of production lines as they realise the benefits that automation brings.

While every operation brings a unique set of requirements and challenges, we explore ways automation can help improve date coding and packaging accuracy.

Date coding and packaging verification solutions 

Automated set-up

Using a more automated approach to the set-up and monitoring of a production line will remove many sources of human error and can provide for 100% inspection of packaging.

If all the relevant information can be automatically deployed to the line devices at the start of the production run (with minimal human involvement) you can be sure of error-free printer set-up, the changeover times are significantly reduced and production runs more efficiently.

Reduction in paperwork

Systems that can gather essential QC information in an electronic format can aid both accuracy and retrievability, driving a change towards a more paperless production line.

Factories that embrace the move to a paperless factory floor with the use of automation can retrieve real-time information easily and efficiently.

Inline scanning

Continuous inline scanning of the packaging using 1D and 2D barcode scanners verify that the packaging is not only correct for the product, but that the right artwork version is being used, where applicable. If something goes wrong or is detected, the line is stopped and supervisor intervention is required.

Operator invention is minimised which removes scope for error, and therefore gives more accurate results.

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The ideal scenario in a factory, to ensure date coding and packaging accuracy, is where an order arrives from a customer, the ERP systems assigns stock and WIP to the order and creates a manufacturing order to the process part of the business.

When the finished primary product arrives at the packaging line, an automated system, such as an AutoCoding system, takes over and manages the deployment of the ERP order information to the packaging line devices. The AutoCoding system then takes control of that process until it is completed, at which point it transacts with the ERP system to signal completion of the order.

With this process in place, businesses can benefit from efficiency, speed and elimination of slow, manual processes. An AutoCoding system can manage a complex mix of products on all lines while ensuring the accuracy of the packaging set-up.

Automated systems such as AutoCoding help manufacturers ensure 100% accuracy in their coding and packaging process - critical for complying with industry labelling regulations, ensuring efficiency, and ultimately remaining competitive in today’s marketplace.

However, there’s a lot to consider when choosing an AutoCoding System that offers the right level of scalability, ease of integration and functionality for your business. To find out more, download our free guide: How to automate the packaging hall and unify your stranded assets.


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